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We currently don’t have any batteries for the remote for the lobby tv so I can’t change the channels if a guest requests it. Naturally some old fart hanging out after eating at the Easter Buffet in the restaurant asks me to change the channel. When I explain the remote situation he goes, “Can’t one of your little helpers run over to Wal-Mart and buy some?” I then explain that I’m the only staff member here today and restaurant staff cannot leave. He walks off in a huff. Sorry not sorry, we don’t have full staff on a holiday dingus. Also, whose gonna pay for those batteries? Not coming out of my pocket.

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So, this happened mes amis…

This was selected as the featured image for the May Tale in A Calendar of Tales with Neil Gaiman and Blackberry. The amount of effort that so many people put into it is remarkable and inspired. It’s taken a few days to process it all. So glad I got to be a part of it. Such a neat-cool thing. 

Yes, this is an homage to Edward Gorey - I’m an admirer - but it is also a product of my love for silent movies, practical cats, and some things that make me laugh. : )